The costs of spill containment products

SpillPro on 1 August 2018

Spill containment is any product that prevents spills of oil, grease, sediment or debris from entering a drain. If these contaminants enter a storm water drain, they will be released directly into the environment causing pollution. Even if they enter a waste water sewer, they can damage downstream processing plants and still reach the environment. Local authorities issue severe fines for spill incidents that lead to environmental damage.

SpillPro provides a number of different spill containment products, each suitable for a specific application. This article highlights the main products and approximate pricing.

Drain protection

Drain protection is the last line of defence against spills. They are products placed at the drain itself to catch oils and contaminants before they disappear into the sewer system.


Drain seals

From $195

Drain seals are neoprene mats which are rolled over the drain grating in an emergency. They prevent spills entering the drain before they are cleaned up.

Drain warden

From $95

Drain wardens are made from geotextile material. Place them underneath the drain grating to capture hydrocarbons from the runoff.

Bilge rat

From $25

Bilge rats float on the surface of water absorbing hydrocarbons and are used to absorb hydrocarbons in drain wardens.

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Collapsible quick bunds

Collapsible quick bunds capture spills at the source. They are made from special chemical resistant material and can hold up to 100,000 litres. Collapsible quick bunds fold up into a protective transport bag for ease of relocation to the point of need. They unfold into a large base surface area with side walls. Their fully seam-welded construction provides a resistance to wear and tear. Any spill falling into the quick bund will be contained inside until it is cleaned up, thus eliminating the risk of the spill reaching a drain.




Collapsible quick bund

From $200

Can be made to any custom size. Wall heights range from 0.3 to 0.6m.

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Spill pallets

Spill pallets provide protection for a common source of leaks and spills - chemical and oil drums. The pallet is constructed from heavy duty polyethylene to provide a robust strength and resist chemical attack. They have a top grating on which drums are placed. The containment sump under the grating has sufficient storage space for 110% of the biggest drum. These are ideal spill containment products for remote mining sites, refuelling locations, temporary construction sites and warehouses.




2-drum pallet

From $495

A spill pallet large enough to carry 2 x 205 litre drums.

4-drum pallet

From $495

A spill pallet large enough to carry 4 x 205 litre drums.

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IBC pallets

IBC pallets are similar to spill pallets, but they are designed for the higher volumes of Intermediate Bulk Containers. The sump area beneath the grating can accommodate 110% of the 1,000 litre capacity as per regulations. In addition, hardcover units are available for outdoor use. They are lockable to provide security for chemical products.




Single unit

From $1,995

For a single IBC unit.

Double unit

From $2,395

For two IBC units.

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Drive over bunding

Drive over bunding is a spill containment product that allows you to create a bunded area. Their robust design and material of construction enables vehicles up to a weight of 1 ton to drive over them without distortion. Their bevelled shape also makes it easy for forklift access. Using drive over bunds enables you to keep your chemical or oil storage area separate from drains so that spill can be cleaned up without the risk of runoff contamination.




Drive over bunding

From $40

Standard 0.9m lengths

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Leak spill protection

Leak spill protection stops a leak before the entire contents of a drum or IBC are emptied. The specialised putty can be applied directly even if the container surface is rusted and crumpled. It also dries in the presence of leaking oil or chemicals to seal the hole. It is advisable to keep this product on hand to respond to an emergency situation when it occurs.




Plug n Dike Stop Leak Putty


Per container

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SpillPro supplies a wide range of spill containment products and services. Using the right solution for your application is critical to maintaining compliance and avoiding fines. Using he right products will also help you reduce your spill containment costs. Our experts can advise you on the best solution for your specific industry and facility.

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