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Floorsweep Absorbents

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Benefits of SpillPro floorsweeps

  • Rapid response for land-based spills
  • Cost effective
  • Easy storage
  • Lightweight absorbent
  • Easy-to-use 10kg bags
  • High absorption and reliability
  • Can be easily and lawfully disposed
  • Meets with compliance laws

Cost effective

SpillPro floorsweeps help quickly contain spills. That reduces man hours needed for costly spill clean-ups – a large saving for minimal investment.

Meet safety standards

SpillPro floorsweeps adhere to all Australian safety standards. That means they will help you comply with all applicable environmental and health and safety laws – and avoid fines.

Easy storage

Light and compact, our floorsweeps can be easily stored and transported.

Product Models

  • SpillPro Premium Floorsweep
  • SpillPro Zeosorb Floorsweep
  • Specialised chemical absorbents

Applicable Industries

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