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Rail Track Matting

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Prevention is better than the cure, which is why SpillPro track matting absorbs diesel spills before they contaminate the ground and water systems.

Track matting provides sorbency and spill protection in rail-specific applications. It can absorb 20 x its weight in diesel and is UV stabilised for 3 years.

Benefits of SpillPro's track matting

  • 3 layer protection
  • UV stabilised
  • Super absorbent
  • Chemical resistant base
  • Available in three widths

3 Layer Protection

SpillPro's track matting consists of 3 layers: a strong protective top layer made of Polyethylene, a hydrophobic cotton / polypropylene mix, and a chemically resistant base.

UV stabilised

The top layer is UV stabilised for 3-years to give protection from the harsh Australian weather conditions.

Super absorbent

The active component of SpillPro track matting is the hydrophobic cotton / polypropylene material which can absorb 20 times its weight in diesel but rejects water.

Chemical resistant base

A polyethylene base is resistant to hydrocarbon attack, which prevents spills from migrating through the track matting and into the ground water.

Product Models

  • RTOR25 Oil selective railtrack three ply absorbent matting

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