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Surgically-clean workshops – how SpillPro helped with Daracon's tricky refurb operation.

Case study overview

Daracon Group provides integrated civil construction services for infrastructure, commercial and industrial projects.

The problem

Daracon were undergoing big changes. In partnership with Caterpillar, Daracon were in the process of transforming their workshops. The aim was to create surgically-clean workspaces to eliminate contaminates for improved equipment uptime. That meant upgrading their parts cleaning machines to more efficient units.

To help transition their four Hunter Valley sites, Daracon called on SpillPro's market-leading expertise in parts cleaning. In providing a solution, SpillPro would have to meet Caterpillar's stringent contamination control guidelines:

  • Requirement for ISO 16/13
  • Satisfy specific filtration of cleaning agent requirements
  • Extended life of cleaning agent
  • Designed in Australia
  • Built in Australia


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What SpillPro did

SpillPro placed an F07 model parts cleaning machine with Daracon on a trial basis. During the trial, the F07 continuously delivered cleaning agent at 16/13 or lower on the ISO4406 particulate scale. The results led to Daracon ordering seven machines.

The F07s exceeded Daracon's expectations and Caterpillar's strict requirements. Our blend GB250 cleaning agent also helped saved time and money through more reliable cleaning.

Benefits to Daracon

  • Extended life for components
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Cleaner, safer work environment
  • More reliable and productive equipment fleet

"We placed orders for F07s within weeks of a trial machine being set up, such were the outstanding results from that trial."

Gary Gazzard, Environment and Quality Manager, Daracon

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