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ExxonMobil PNG

Thick jungle. Tribal warfare. And a 700km pipeline with no access roads. Nothing SpillPro couldn't handle.

Case study overview

As one of the largest oil and gas exploration companies in the world, Exxon Mobil PNG regularly needs to transport heavy machinery through some of the world's toughest terrain.

Their Papua New Guinea arm called on SpillPro's expertise in commissioning spill equipment in all conditions – anywhere in the world.

The brief was to supply vehicles for oil spill response along their pipeline (running from Port Moresby to their Hides plant). All terrain vehicles were required to carry personnel and response equipment – including oil skimmers, containment booms, absorbents and clean-up equipment.

The problem

Exxon Mobil PNG needed to pro-actively contain and remedy any spills along a remote pipeline between Port Moresby and Hides. That meant finding a way to transport containment booms, skimmer systems, dispersant systems and incinerators through 700km of dense jungle.

The equipment would also need to be commissioned deep in the inaccessible heartland of Papua new Guinea. To add complexity, a tribal war had closed roads in and out of the area for two weeks.


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What SpillPro did

SpillPro supplied ExxonMobil PNG with both tyre and track type ATVs. This meant people and oil spill equipment could be transported through the challenging terrain.

The ATVs needed a large payload for transporting heavy duty equipment like booms, power packs. To comply with safety regulations, the vehicles also required roll bars, head supports and personal restraints. This meant modifying our Kubota ATVs prior to delivery.

SpillPro commissioned the ATVs in the heavily fortified Hides Camp. This allowed protection from the tribal war being fought in the area.

SpillPro then fully trained the ExxonMobil PNG crew in the correct use of these vehicles.

Benefits to ExxonMobil PNG

  • Can respond quickly to pipeline spills
  • Service spills in remote areas
  • Reduce potential effects of spills on environment
  • Save time and money – no need to transport spill equipment on ad-hoc basis

“With the equipment that SpillPro has supplied us, we are confident we can handle any emergency spill that occurs in any part of our pipeline from Hides in the north to the LNG Plant on the coast.”

Lynn Bradford, Environmental Advisor, ExxonMobil PNG

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