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Fiji Health

When a medical waste backlog was spreading disease, SpillPro prescribed the remedy.

Case study overview

Fiji Health is responsible for all the hospitals on the mainland of Fiji and the surrounding islands.

The problem

Fiji Health was having trouble disposing of the clinical waste in the four main hospitals in Fiji: Nadi, Taveuni, Savusava and Nabouwalu hospitals.

They had old incinerators that no longer worked. Infected clinical waste – which should be incinerated very quickly after use – was starting to build up.

And it was causing major health issues.

So Fiji Health asked SpillPro for a means of eradicating the stored contaminated clinical waste in their hospitals.


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What SpillPro did

SpillPro identified the Mediburn 30 medical waste incinerators as the answer to Fiji Health's problem.

We delivered, installed and commissioned the Mediburn 30s at all four hospitals. We then trained the operators in their proper use of these – and explained the dangers of leaving contaminated waste laying around.

Now able to incinerate the clinical waste in a timely fashion, the hospitals managed to catch up on the stored waste and cleaned up the contaminated areas. This eliminated the problem of contaminated waste laying around, reducing the spread of infectious diseases.

Benefits to Fiji Health

  • Timely incineration of waste
  • Cut spread of infectious disease

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