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Hundreds of components to clean each month. No space to clean them. Enter SpillPro.

Case study overview

Hitachi Construction Machinery (Australia) operate a large component refurbishment centre for excavator motors and pumps at Muswellbrook, NSW.

The problem

Hitachi's construction machinery division were refurbishing up to 100 excavator motors and pumps per month – all of which needed to be thoroughly cleaned and degreased.

But with limited space available in their warehouse, finding compact parts cleaning machines was proving difficult. They needed a custom solution from a supplier that designs and manufactures equipment to the highest standards.

With a focus on time and efficiency, Hitachi required the machines be:

  • ISO 16/13 compliant
  • Able to satisfy specific filtration of cleaning agent requirements
  • Able to extend the life of cleaning agent
  • Designed in Australia
  • Built in Australia

The machines would need to fit under the workshop's already-installed workbenches, while still being accessible – the machines would need to be serviced and have their filters and cleaning agent changed.


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What SpillPro did

First, SpillPro needed a novel solution to the space issue.

So we decided to modify our existing model F07 filtered parts cleaning machine. First, we needed to completely redesign the machine bases. We then built, installed and commissioned seven machines beneath the workshop's benches.

The modified machines are now used daily, providing trouble-free operation. The machines provide optimal cleaning of parts, with unbeatable speed and efficiency.

Benefits to Hitachi

  • Optimal cleaning of parts
  • Seamless workflow
  • Extended life of cleaned components
  • Extended life of cleaning agent

“The service has been excellent”

Peter Wydeman, Manager Hitachi Construction Machinery (Australia)

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