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Keolis Downer Hunter

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Case study overview

Keolis Downer Hunter Pty Ltd is a public transportation company operating under a state government contract, providing reliable and efficient bus transport services to the public in the Hunter region. Their services ensure accessible and sustainable transit solutions for the community.

The problem

The high volume of bus movements around the depot at Keolis Downer Hunter Pty Ltd poses a significant risk of oils and fuels leaking from buses, both while in transit around the depot and during maintenance in the workshop. This leakage can lead to environmental contamination, safety hazards, and regulatory compliance issues.

  • High volume of bus movements increases the likelihood of oil and fuel leaks.
  • Potential spills can lead to significant environmental pollution.
  • Spills may result in non-compliance with environmental regulations, risking fines and legal consequences.

What SpillPro did

SpillPro conducted an on-site meeting with Keolis Downer Hunter Pty Ltd and performed a thorough audit of the depot. Based on the findings, SpillPro provided several 240-litre spill kits and drain wardens, strategically placed to ensure comprehensive coverage across all critical areas. This proactive approach guarantees a swift response in the event of a spill, effectively mitigating environmental contamination risks and enhancing overall site safety.

Benefits to Keolis Downer Hunter

  • Environmental Protection: Quick spill containment minimises environmental damage.
  • Safety Compliance: Meets regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of fines.
  • Operational Efficiency: Rapid spill response reduces downtime in bus operations.
  • Reputation Management: Demonstrates commitment to environmental responsibility, enhancing public image.

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