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Kogan Creek Power Station

A solution to troublesome coal soot? Done and dusted.

Case study overview

Kogan Creek is one of western Queensland's largest coal-fired power stations. The nature of their operations means they have to manage on-site clean-ups from dust to small pieces of coal.

The problem

Turning coal into power requires a lot of handling. And the more coal is handled, the more it breaks down – creating coal fragments and soot. It's a health and safety nightmare that can also clog up important machinery.

Kogan Creek Power Station needed a way of removing dust and fragment overflow from their coal conveying system – and prevent it escaping into the station's surrounding environment.


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What SpillPro did

SpillPro does not manufacture products specifically intended for coal soot removal.

So we had to get creative.

SpillPro PACS systems can recover a wide range of liquids, oils, sludge and solids. As an inventive solution, we supplied Kogan Creek with this system to help them keep their operation floor in a safe and clean condition – and prevent dust and fragments clogging up important equipment.

Benefits to Kogan Creek Power Station

  • Used daily to clean up all spills on site
  • Improved operation of sumps and drains
  • Fewer machine breakdowns, saving time and money
  • Improved occupational health and safety
  • Reduced environmental impact on pond

“We love the PACS 1000 and the operator has taken full ownership of the unit – and treats it as his baby. He utilises it daily and it has made his job so much easier.”

Terry Dillon, Operations Manager, Kogan Creek Power Station

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