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Cleaning and Safety Products

Why choose SpillPro cleaning and safety products?

For 15 years, SpillPro has been Australia's foremost supplier of spill-related cleaning and safety products. Just ask the likes of Rio Tinto. ExxonMobil. And BHP Billiton.

But we don't just supply products. We can train your staff on their safe and effective use. Schedule services that suit your timetable. And supply accessories to boost your incinerator's effectiveness.

Even if you want general spill advice. Just pick up the phone. Because we're based right here in Australia. Your single point of contact for end-to-end spill management.

Wide range of cleaning and safety products

SpillPro supplies everything you need to ensure a safe, clean workplace. Our wide range of cleaning and safety products includes head-to-toe protective clothing. Personal hygiene and sanitation products. As well as machine cleaning detergents and degreasers.

cleaning and safety products

Ask about cleaning and safety products

Safety products

Safety first. It's every smart organisation's mantra. That's why SpillPro provides head-to-toe protection for your employees.

They're the ones on the front line. So we supply everything you need to keep them safe – as well as adhering to OH&S regulations. This ensures personnel can work to various safety standards and eliminates risks and hazards that could result in serious injury.

SpillPro also supplies a wide range of personal hygiene and sanitation products. Together with our safety products, they help you maintain a clean and safe workplace that runs like a well-oiled machine.

Cleaning products

Keep your operation moving cleanly with SpillPro cleaning products.

We offer everything from purpose-built hand cleaner stations to bulk paper towels. Because we're committed to being your one point of contact. So when we supply equipment, we can also supply everything you need to keep it running – right down to the degreaser.

SpillPro also carries a wide range of personal hygiene and sanitation products. So we have everything you need for a clean, safe workplace.

Water filtration

SpillPro provides a range of water filtration solutions for industrial, commercial and domestic uses.

Our filter systems remove contaminated particles, taste and odour from water supplies. And they help improve your water's flow rate – as well as helping you comply with water quality legislation.

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