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Mining and Exploration

End-to-end solutions for mining

For over 40 years, SpillPro has helped support Australia's mining industry. We've earned our reputation for supplying it with reliable, long-lasting products. Equipment like parts cleaning machines, oil skimmers and containment booms. From off-the-shelf units to custom-built solutions.

And not just machinery and equipment. Services like site audits and mine specification requirements. Equipment commissioning, on-site training and scheduled servicing. All backed by expert support from our experienced technicians.

It means one point of contact for end-to-end hydrocarbon management. Everything your mining site needs to meet its Environmental Duty of Care. And mining operations that run like a well-oiled machine.

Get to know your spill management tools for mining

Spill Kits

Handling spills on mine sites doesn't have to be hard. A SpillPro spill kit gives you all the equipment you need to respond to spills, quickly and effectively.

Included in your spill kit are containment booms, absorbents, waste disposal bags and most importantly protective equipment for your workers and cleaners.

Industrial Rags

Ideal for soaking up small oil spills, industrial rags are yet another way to ensure that your workplace remains safe, clean and spill free. Ask us about the type of spills you're likely to encounter. We can provide you with advice regarding which rag fibres work best for which application.

Spill Containment

At SpillPro, we offer a range of spill containment devices. All are designed to do one thing - to protect your business, workers and environment from spills.

To achieve this, we offer a range of innovative products, including collapsible bunds and spill pallets. Whatever your situation, we'll help you to meet your Duty of Care requirements.

Parts Cleaning Machines

Our parts cleaning machines take the hard-work out of degreasing machinery and machine parts. We supply automated part cleaners for automatic cleaning, as well as manual grit-blasting units for a hands-on clean. Both are very easy to use with only basic training required.</p.

Cleaning and Safety Products

We've got all the products you need to ensure the cleanliness and safety of your mining operation. From hard hats to degreasers and everything in between.

Our range includes head-to-toe protective clothing, personal hygiene and sanitation products, machine cleaning detergents and much more.

Site Audits

Is your mining operation prepared for spills? Do you have the appropriate spill management equipment? Where are risk areas on your work sites?

If you don't know, that's okay. Simply call us. We'll provide you with a full site audit. So you can find out exactly what needs to be done for you to get spill ready.

Compliance and Training

When it comes to spills, your workers are on the front line. Therefore, it is essential that they know what to do, when and where spills occur.

That's why, at SpillPro, we offer full training and certification in the management of workplace spills. So your workers have the expertise to effectively manage spills.


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Featured case study

ExxonMobil PNG

Exxon Mobil PNG needed to pro-actively contain and remedy any spills along a remote pipeline between Port Moresby and Hides. That meant finding a way to transport containment booms, skimmer systems, dispersant systems and incinerators through 700km of dense jungle.

Why choose SpillPro

Large range of products and services

Our diverse stock list includes off-the-shelf products that can be delivered anywhere in Australia – even at short notice. It features Elastec oil spill equipment not available from any other Australian supplier. And our wide range of services includes everything from site audits to compliance training to oil containment.

After sales support

SpillPro products come with full after sales support. We can train your staff to use them safely and effectively. Schedule equipment services to suit. Conduct on-site repairs. Or simply offer friendly advice on getting the best from your equipment.

Guaranteed compliance with regulations

SpillPro products, including all oil spill equipment, adhere to applicable Australian health, safety and environmental standards. They are guaranteed to meet OH&S regulations and Environmental Duty of Care – helping you avoid the associated fines and penalties.

Full end-to-end service

We're not just equipment suppliers. We're problem solvers. That's why we offer tailored end-to-end solutions based on your exact needs. It means the convenience of a single point of contact – as well as the savings that come from using a single supplier.

40+ years as industry leaders

Our decades of expertise spans a wealth of industries, including mining, defence, shipping, transport, marine, industrial, hospitals, oil and gas, workshops and government.

We'll use our specialist knowledge to help you enjoy the same success in your industry as we have in ours. Whether it's for oil containment or general spills.

Certificates and accreditations

Many of our products also meet ISO environmental, manufacturing and safety standards – including AS/NZS ISO 9001, 14001 and 4801.

We also participate in the e3 Global Carbon Challenge to reduce our carbon footprint and help create a greener economy.

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