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SpillPro on 28 November 2018

How to use drive over bunding

Used in workshops, warehouses, in loading and unloading areas - drive over bundings can withstand loads of up to one tonne without distortion makes it highly versatile and effective ...

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SpillPro on 28 November 2018

How much should a parts cleaning machine cost?

Find the right parts washing equipment for your auto and smash repair workshop. We supply industrial parts cleaning machines on a sale or rental basis to suit your requirements ...

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SpillPro on 15 November 2018

Servicing your industrial parts cleaning machine

Industrial parts cleaning machines are essential equipment for auto and mash repair shops. Keeping these machines working continuously and efficiently is important for business ...

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SpillPro on 17 October 2018

Your guide to smash repairs and automotive parts washers

The automotive and smash repair industry is a highly competitive environment. We can recommend and supply an automotive parts washer to suit your business needs ...

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SpillPro on 21 September 2018

Cleaning oil spills on dirt and land

Oil spills on land can cause serious environmental damage. You need the right spill kit and procedure to handle an oil spill on land. We'll show you the most appropriate way to clean them ...

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SpillPro on 19 September 2018

Active and Passive Spill Containment

Spill containment is the last line of defence that prevents spilled oil and chemicals from entering sewer systems and the environment. Once a spill escapes from ...

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SpillPro on 21 August 2018

Spill Pallet Price Guide

Spill pallets protect the environment when a primary container like a drum or IBC fails. We'll will help you choose the right one for your needs. ...

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SpillPro on 10 August 2018

Oil skimmer price guide: how much will an oil skimmer cost?

Oil skimmers collect oil spills from the surface of water, transferring the oil to a storage vessel for recycling or disposal. Here's how much they cost ...

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SpillPro on 1 August 2018

Spill containment price guide

Spill containment is any product that prevents spills of oil, grease, sediment or debris from entering a drain. Here's a price guide for everything spill containment ...

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SpillPro on 3 July 2018

Oil spill vacuum systems

When reaching oil spills in remote locations or in areas difficult to access, consider an oil spill vacuum cleaner ...

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SpillPro on 18 May 2018

How to use Hazchem absorbents

Hazchem absorbents are designed to absorb acids and bases and are suitable for cleaning materials, sterilising agents and other chemical products. Learn how here ...

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SpillPro on 19 April 2018

Containment booms price guide

Different types of containment boom are available for different applications. Get the best advice about containment booms from the SpillPro team today ...

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SpillPro on 17 April 2018

Spill kit price guide

Spill kits help companies comply with regulations and protect workers and the environment. But what type of spill kit do you need and what size? Here's a price guide ...

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SpillPro on 3 April 2018

When should I use IBC pallets?

IBCs are 1,000 litre containers used to transport and store chemicals and hydrocarbon products, but what happens when they leak. SpillPro IBC spill pallets are designed to contain up 110% of an IBC so ...

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SpillPro on 20 March 2018

Using and maintaining spill pallets

Spill pallets have internal storage space to contain spills and leaks from oil and chemical containers. They collect 110% of the volume of the biggest container they carry ...

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SpillPro on 1 March 2018

When do I need a general spill kit?

General spill kits can be used to clean up hydrocarbon and water-based product spills. They are used in mining, marinas, workshops, and industrial facilities ...

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SpillPro on 28 February 2018

How to clean up hydrocarbon spills

Hydrocarbon spills do long term damage to the environment unless they are cleaned up quickly. Training and equipment help to respond to spills effectively ...

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SpillPro on 25 January 2018

A guide to implementing and using hazchem spill kits in your workplace

Hazchem spill kits contain equipment and PPE to respond to a hazardous chemical spill. Implement them in the workplace and training employees prevent injuries ...

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SpillPro on 9 January 2018

Trash and debris booms help in your duty of environmental care

Trash and debris booms catch solid waste floating on water. They clean rivers before the water enters harbours and they remove waste from storm water ...

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SpillPro on 19 December 2017

The applications and benefits of drum skimmers

Drum skimmers are versatile equipment to clean up oil spill from a water surface. Their grooved surfaces are 95% efficient and they have high recovery rates. ...

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SpillPro on 11 December 2017

Workshop spill kits and equipment: inventory and maintenance

Workshops store and use fuels and oils, which are hazardous to the environment. Correctly supplied spill kits help workshops meet regulatory requirements ...

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SpillPro on 28 November 2017

Everything you need to know about spill control and spill kit training

SpillPro supplies spill control and spill kits training to keep you legally compliant. We train employees how to use spill control equipment in an emergency ...

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SpillPro on 1 November 2017

How self launching skimmers are innovating cleanup rates

The X150 self launching skimmer has massively increased the volume of oil that can be skimmed from the ocean in the case of a large oil spill ...

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SpillPro on 1 November 2017

The applications and benefits of weir skimmers

Weir skimmers are used to clean oil spills in open water, near shore and in rivers. They are designed to capture the oil passing over a weir and pump it away ...

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SpillPro on 8 September 2017

Types of oil skimmers

Oil skimmers are used to remove oil that is floating on the surface of water. They are often used in circumstances where oil has been spilled and is threatening the environment, but they can be use ...

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SpillPro on 15 August 2017

Spill kits for oil and fuel

Oil and fuel spill kits are pre-packaged kits that contain everything needed to prevent a hydrocarbon spill from spreading, and to clean up the spill. ...

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SpillPro on 14 August 2017

Everything you need to know about foam filled containment booms

Foam filled containment booms are used to restrict the spread of an oil spill for clean up operations. They are lightweight and buoyant but do not absorb oil. ...

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SpillPro on 10 July 2017

How do you really test Oil Skimmer Capacities?

Oil spill skimmers are often rated based on the offload pump capacity but this is misleading. Independent bodies can verify rate of oil removal and efficiency. Read more. ...

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SpillPro on 4 May 2017

Fire Booms – How do they work?

Fire Booms are a specialised type of containment boom for managing an oil slick on a water surface and then burning it in a controlled manner. ...

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SpillPro on 1 March 2017

Industrial spill equipment for small oil spills

Even small oil spills can be harmful to the environment, workers and native wildlife. Here's how to stop them before they spread ...

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SpillPro on 1 March 2017

Industrial spill equipment for large oil spills

These are the key technologies used in the cleanup of large scale oil spills, such as the Deepwater Horizon spill ...

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SpillPro on 24 February 2017

What are the Australian regulations for workplace oil spills?

Learn about the Australian regulations for workplace oil spills as well as what you can do to ensure that your business is compliant ...

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SpillPro on 8 February 2017

What does a Spill Kit contain?

Find out what is included in your chosen General Purpose, Hazchem, or Fuel and Oil Spill Kit. Features information regarding containment devices, absorbents and protective wear. ...

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SpillPro on 30 January 2017

What are the types of containment boom?

These are the most commonly used spill containment booms used today. Which type will be suitable for your operation will depend on your spill containment needs ...

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SpillPro on 18 January 2017

What are the spill products for mining sites?

We've developed spill solutions specifically for the mining industry. These are the spill products most commonly used ...

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SpillPro on 16 December 2016

5 step guide to preparing for chemical spills in the workplace

Developing a hazardous chemical spill procedure doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming. Here are 5 steps to get you prepared for spills ...

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SpillPro on 24 November 2016

Are dispersants safe to use on oil spills?

Find out about how dispersants are being used in Australia and around the world to minimise the impact of oil spills ...

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SpillPro on 22 November 2016

How to dispose of medical waste from remote hospitals

Find out how to dispose of medical waste from your remote hospital or clinic. Includes information on waste collection services and onsite medical waste incinerators ...

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SpillPro on 5 October 2016

How Containment Booms are Keeping the World's Waterways Clear

Do you know your foam-filled booms from your fire booms? Can't decide which one's right for you? Read how three types of boom have helped organisations meet their Environmental Duty of care ...

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SpillPro on 14 September 2016

SpillPro announce new trash boat supplier

Following a global search for a new work boat supplier, SpillPro is partnering with Water Witch. Their rich history and range of high-quality boats earned them the contract as our new supplier ...

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SpillPro on 1 September 2016

Which incinerator do I need?

Incinerators come in a range of makes and models, which are each designed for a range of different applications. Find out which model is right for you and your business here ...

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SpillPro on 25 August 2016

10 point spill kit maintenance checklist

Here's how to keep your spill kit functioning as it should with regular maintenance ...

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SpillPro on 2 May 2016

Eliminating clinical waste in remote areas

Sometimes transporting medical waste from remote sites is cost-prohibitive. Here's how to eliminate that problem by disposing of it on site ...

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SpillPro on 2 May 2016

Better ways to spray dispersants on oil spills

What's the most effective means of spraying dispersants on spills? We’ve found two options that provide unbeatable efficiency and cost-effectiveness ...

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