SpillPro on 14 December 2021

These affordable machines make light work of the heaviest degreasing. If you are looking for a better solution to clean and remove grease and oils from your components, save your employees’ time, and take care of the environment then a Hot Spray Wash Machine is for you.

Hot spray wash machine cleans parts with high-temperature water spray and detergent. These automatic machines use timers and temperature settings that can be adjusted as required. Stubborn dirt, grease and rust deposits are easily cleaned using a Hot Spray Wash Machine.

The Hot Spray Wash Machine, often referred to as ‘hot wash’, ‘spray wash’, ‘parts cleaner’, or 'automatic parts washer', can clean any component from small parts such as nuts and bolts, plastic and rubber seals, washers, bearings, housings, alloy components, transmissions, drive train components, engine blocks and even complete engines.


1.      Are you still washing parts in solvent by hand? Get safer workshops with the latest technology from SpillPro.

The Hot Spray Wash Machine will revolutionise your workshop productivity, massively boost profits and remove the dangerous and time-consuming practice of manually washing parts by hand. Hand washing parts can lead to workers being exposed to toxic hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons are a broad group of chemicals that contain hydrogen and carbon atoms. When using an industrial parts cleaning machine, workers will reduce their exposure to these hydrocarbons.

2.      Why dedicate valuable man hours to maintenance tasks? Save time and increase your profits with a SpillPro Automatic Hot Spray Wash machine.

There is an easy and efficient way to clean dirty parts that does not involve labour costs that can save you thousands of dollars in wages every year.

Our labour-saving machines make thorough automatic cleaning of machinery and machine parts easy. Simply place machine parts in the cleaner, close the lid, set the timer and walk away. No training is required. No need to supervise the process. That frees up skilled workers to work on more valuable projects.

Our Hot Spray Wash Machines start from $8,195, if the average employee is spending even just 1 hour per day cleaning parts at a cost to you of $30 per hour, then look at the costs of manual cleaning and then the savings of buying your own industrial parts cleaning machine, you’ll own it in under 2 years.

3.      Do you want superior quality? With over 40 years of experience, we are an Australian owned and operated business. We can help you find the model that best suits your needs.

Running an effective repair workshop means keeping the right equipment at hand - including maintenance tools. We have a range of models in varied sizes to suit any workshop. The Hot Spray Wash Machine is available in a variety of configurations making it suitable for a multitude of applications.

4.      Do you care about your business’s environmental impact? A Hot Spray Wash Machine can clean and degrease your parts while also being kind to the environment.

The Hot Spray Wash Machine works on the same principle as the household dishwasher. Our industrial parts cleaning machines use an enclosed rotating basket that is directionally jet-sprayed with a hot water and detergent solution.

SpillPro supplies industrial parts cleaning machines for sale or on a rental basis to suit your requirements. SpillPro has a machine for every workshop, with our range including basket sizes from 650mm to 1600mm, with larger custom units built to order. Our friendly sales staff will help you evaluate the operating conditions of your site and come up with the best plan for your facility.

Workshop workloads can fluctuate unpredictably. That's why we offer flexible short and long term rental agreements. Rental agreements include service plans to keep your machine in top working order. Our maintenance services give you peace of mind that your workshop will get the support you need.