SpillPro on 23 May 2024

For half a century, SpillPro has been a proud Australian name synonymous with innovative Parts Cleaning Machines and Spill Control Solutions. From our humble beginnings in 1974 as Greaseaters, to our current position as a leading supplier of environmental solutions and equipment for Industry, SpillPro has come a long way.

A Rich History of Innovation

Our journey began with a vision by Phillip Morris, who founded the company in 1974. Back then, we were known as Greaseaters, and our focus was on providing effective solutions for grease-related challenges. In 1986, a milestone was reached with the development of the Model 86 Parts Cleaner. This innovative product, built with high-quality components and a streamlined design, revolutionised parts cleaning operations with its improved functionality and ease of maintenance.

Joining the Bulbeck Group and Expanding Our Reach

1995 marked a significant shift in our trajectory as Greaseaters joined the Bulbeck Group. This move provided us with the resources and support to further solidify our position within the industry. Three years later, in 1998, Richard Tonkin joined the team as general manager, taking the reins after Phillip Morris' well-deserved retirement after 22 years of leadership.

A New Name, A New Era: GE EnviroSolutions is Born

Recognising the evolving environmental landscape, the company underwent a name change in 1999, becoming GE EnviroSolutions. This shift reflected our commitment to offering a wider range of environmental solutions beyond just grease control.

Building a Strong Team for Continued Success

The year 2001 saw the arrival of another key player, Brett Lee, who joined our team as manager of the Oil Spill Equipment and Incinerators division. His expertise proved invaluable in expanding our offerings and catering to the growing demand for oil spill mitigation solutions.

Our commitment to growth continued in 2002 with the establishment of a dedicated Spill Control division. This division quickly gained traction, particularly within the large mining sector. The following year saw the division expand its offerings to meet the specific needs of these major mining companies.

Significant Milestones and Welcoming New Talent

In 2005, SpillPro secured its first major order of marine oil spill equipment, solidifying our position as a key player in environmental protection across diverse sectors. The addition of Anthony Sneddon to our Workshop Services division in 2007 further bolstered our technical capabilities.

The year 2016 marked another significant chapter with the company adopting its current name, SpillPro. This change reflected our sharpened focus on spill control solutions and our dedication to remaining at the forefront of this critical industry.

Leadership Transitions and Looking Forward

In 2020, Richard Tonkin transitioned to the role of Managing Director for the Bulbeck Group, a testament to his exceptional leadership and vision. However, his commitment to SpillPro remained unwavering.

Our dedication to innovation continued in 2022 with the development of the Model 22 Parts Cleaner, highlighting our ongoing commitment to providing innovative solutions. This year, 2024, marks both the well-deserved retirement of Brett Lee and the welcoming of Paul Propadalo to the Oil Spill Equipment and Incinerators division.

SpillPro: 50 Years and Beyond

As we celebrate 50 years of service, SpillPro is still committed to providing Australia and the South Pacific with the highest quality spill control solutions. We look forward to continuing this legacy for many years to come,  partnering with our customers to keep our environment safe from spills.