SpillPro on 18 July 2023

For businesses and individuals dealing with hazardous chemicals and hydrocarbons effectively managing the risk of spills and leaks is crucial. Even in the most cautious environments, incidents can occur, posing dangers to workers, productivity, and the environment. SpillPro understands these challenges and offers a game-changing solution in the form of bunded pallets. These specialised containers not only fulfil regulatory requirements but also provide numerous benefits to customers, enabling them to solve spill-related problems effectively.

1. Reduce spill-cleaning time

Spills can disrupt operations and result in valuable time wasted on cleanup efforts. With SpillPro's bunded pallets, however, the process becomes significantly faster and more efficient. By proactively containing spills, these pallets minimise cleaning time, allowing businesses to swiftly resume their operations and minimise product losses.

2. Protect human health

When dealing with hazardous substances, ensuring the safety of workers is paramount. SpillPro's bunded pallets play a vital role in minimising direct contact between employees and spilled liquids. Depending on the specific requirements, businesses can choose between metal or poly-bunded pallets. For instance, acids and solvents demand special storage considerations, often governed by WorkSafe or Australian Standards. Opting for acid-resistant poly-bunded pallets safeguards workers against exposure to harmful spills, ensuring their well-being.

3. Protect environmental health

Spills that reach the natural environment can have devastating consequences on waterways, ecosystems, and wildlife. In addition to the ecological impact, poorly managed spills can lead to hefty fines and even criminal charges. SpillPro's bunded pallets act as a proactive safety measure, preventing such incidents and safeguarding the environment. By containing spills within the impermeable bund, these pallets ensure that harmful substances are contained, reducing the risk of pollution.

4. Protect your business's reputation

Properly managing the storage of hazardous materials not only safeguards the environment but also preserves a business's reputation. Avoiding chemical incidents and subsequent negative publicity is crucial for maintaining a positive image. By investing in SpillPro's bunded pallets, businesses demonstrate their commitment to responsible site management, mitigating potential risks, and enhancing their reputation.

Common Questions about SpillPro's Bunded Pallets

  • Which size of bunded pallet do I need? SpillPro's industry experts can guide you in determining the ideal size based on your specific requirements.
  • Which material of bunded pallet do I need? Depending on the materials being stored, SpillPro offers a range of poly and metal bunded pallets, ensuring the right choice for optimal chemical compatibility.
  • How can I get bunded pallets delivered quickly to my site? Contact SpillPro's dedicated team today, and we will ensure prompt delivery of the bunded pallets to your location.

SpillPro's MaxBund bunded pallets offer a comprehensive solution for businesses and individuals grappling with spill management challenges. These pallets not only fulfill regulatory requirements but also provide a range of benefits. By reducing cleanup time, protecting human and environmental health, and safeguarding a business's reputation, SpillPro's bunded pallets empower customers to effectively mitigate risks associated with hazardous materials. 

Contact SpillPro's team of industry experts today on 1800 368 450 to find the perfect bunded pallet solution for your needs.