SpillPro on 20 June 2024

SpillPro's premium universal absorbent roll is your one-stop solution for tackling leaks, drips, and spills in any industrial environment. This highly versatile workhorse, also known as grey roll or general purpose absorbent, is ideal for workshops, mines, automotive bays, warehouses, and industrial facilities.

Adaptable for Any Industrial Situation

Whether you work in mining, automotive, or repairs industries, our universal "grey" absorbent roll is designed to fit your needs. Use it reactively to clean up spills quickly and efficiently, or proactively by laying sheets on the floor to prevent spills from spreading.

Convenience Meets Performance

Our lightweight, general purpose, universal absorbent rolls are perforated for easy tearing into manageable sheets. This perforation also makes it so you can quickly respond to spills without needing to cut the roll, saving valuable time and minimising waste. The rolls are also compact and easy to store, taking up minimal space until they're needed.

Don't Let Spills Slow You Down

When spills happen, you need a solution that acts fast. SpillPro's universal absorbent rolls boast impressive absorbency, soaking up liquids quickly and effectively. This minimises downtime and keeps your workshop clean and safe.

At SpillPro, we understand the importance of preparedness in industrial settings. Our general purpose absorbent rolls are a valuable addition to any spill control kit, offering versatility, convenience, and exceptional absorbency. Keep your workshop, warehouse, or facility protected with SpillPro's reliable spill solution.

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