SpillPro on 6 April 2023

SpillPro, a leading provider of spill containment solutions, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Accumax Global to bring its MaxBund range to the market. The MaxBund range offers innovative spill containment solutions that are designed to limit oil, grease, and chemical run-off from entering drains, ensuring environmental compliance, and protecting against contamination in various industrial settings.

With the MaxBund range, SpillPro offers a diverse selection of spill containment solutions that cater to various needs. Here are some of the products in the MaxBund range:

Bunded Pallets

The MaxBund range includes a wide array of products that cater to different spill containment needs. Drum bunded pallets are designed to safely store drums and prevent leaks or spills from contaminating the surrounding area. IBC bunded pallets provide secondary containment for intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), preventing any leaks or spills from causing environmental damage. Low profile bunded pallets are designed to be compact and space-saving, making them ideal for areas with limited space without compromising on spill containment capabilities.

Storage Solutions

The Rack & Stack modular drum storage system provides efficient storage and spill containment for drums in a stacked configuration, saving valuable floor space. Bunded trays offer a versatile solution for storing smaller containers, such as oil or chemicals while keeping spills contained. Racking bund is specifically designed as a simple and safe way of bunding drums that are stored in standard racking. They are designed to suit standard pallet racking and help in preserving warehouse space. Bunded shelving provides efficient storage for containers while also offering spill containment capabilities.

Security and Covers

The hardcover lockable bund is a durable and secure solution for storing chemicals, ensuring that spills are contained and unauthorised access is prevented. Bund covers are designed to protect against rainwater and debris, making them a low-cost option for turning your bunded pallet into an all-weather storage unit. Drum lids provide a quick and effective way to contain spills from open drums, preventing them from spreading and causing environmental damage.


The bunded trolleys and dollies are mobile solutions that allow for easy transportation of drums and containers while keeping spills contained.

SpillPro is proud to partner with Accumax Global to bring the MaxBund range to the market, offering cost-effective solutions that help businesses meet their Environmental Duty of Care obligations. With SpillPro's expertise in spill containment solutions and Accumax Global's innovative MaxBund range, customers can trust that they are investing in reliable and effective spill containment solutions that protect the environment and their bottom line.

SpillPro's partnership with Accumax Global to introduce the MaxBund range to the market is an exciting development in spill containment solutions. The MaxBund range offers a wide array of products that cater to different spill containment needs, providing efficient and cost-effective solutions to help businesses meet their environmental obligations. With its innovative design and superior performance, the MaxBund range is set to lead the market in limiting oil, grease, sediment, and debris run-off from entering drains, ensuring a cleaner and safer environment for all. Trust SpillPro and Accumax Global for all your spill containment needs with the MaxBund range.
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