Waste disposal information for hospitals in remote areas

SpillPro on 22 November 2016

How can remote hospitals dispose of medical waste?

Traditionally, medical waste from remote hospitals is disposed of via a Waste Collection Service. Waste is stored in bins until vehicles transport it to landfill. However, a better alternative is incineration.

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The problem with traditional waste collection services

Disposing of medical waste via waste collection typically involves employing a waste collection service. Then storing medical waste in bins until your waste collector picks it up and transports it to landfill.

There are numerous problems with this method of medical waste disposal. These include:

1. Waste must be stored before transport
Waste collection in remote areas in often infrequent. That means waste must be stored until it can be collected. This requires large and secure waste storage spaces which may not be available.

2. Improperly stored waste causes disease
Waste that is waiting for disposal can be dangerous. If stored improperly, it can spread illness and infection. Even if it is only stored for a short amount of time.

3. Transportation is expensive and dangerous
Transporting waste from remote areas can be very expensive. It can be dangerous too. Particularly if driving conditions are less than ideal. Spilt waste is a real threat to people and environments.

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Why onsite medical waste incineration is a better solution

The modern alternative to traditional waste collection services is onsite medical waste incineration.

How medical waste incinerators work:

The first step is to install a medical incinerator on your medical facility's premises. This can be done simply as all of our incinerators feature 'plug and play' functionality.

From there, you place all medical waste into the incinerator (up to 30kg per an hour), where it is burned at up to 1000°C.

This intense heat destroys all the waste, leaving nothing but a small amount of ash. The ash is then safe for disposal in regular rubbish containers.

Why medical waste incinerators are a better solution:

With onsite medical waste incineration, you can destroy waste straight away.

There is no storing medical waste until waste disposal vehicles arrive. Or expensive and dangerous transportation of waste.

Everything can be done onsite quickly and effectively. Medical waste is turned to ash after which it can be disposed of easily and safely.

This minimises the risk of medical waste causing illness, disease, and infection. While also lowering waste disposal costs. And eliminating the need for often insecure landfills.

Types of medical waste which can be incinerated

Onsite medical waste incineration can destroy almost all waste produced by remote hospitals and medical facilities. This waste can include any or all of the following:

  • Gloves, swabs and syringes
  • Body parts and organs
  • Placentas
  • Bandages and scrubs

Incinerators can burn up to 30kg of medical waste per an hour.

Waste collection services vs. onsite medical incineration

Here's how waste collection services stack up against onsite medical incineration in a side by side comparison.

  Waste collection   Onsite medical incineration  


Stored waste consumes large amounts of space

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Waste does not need to be stored, it can be incinerated immediately

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Health risks

Stored waste poses health risks to hospital and surrounds

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Incinerating waste immediately minimises the chance of waste spreading illness

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Transportation is dangerous for environments and people

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Waste does not need transporting, it is incinerated onsite.

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Transportation of waste to landfills can be very expensive

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Incinerators have low-running costs and provide years of use

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"With a medical waste incinerator installed onsite, you can destroy waste straight away."

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