How to make your workshop more economical, efficient and environmental

SpillPro on 26 September 2022

If you have an industrial parts cleaning machine in your work space, regular services could be the answer to running a more efficient, economical and environmentally-savvy operation. Depending on how frequently and intensively it is used, your parts cleaner may need a service as often as every two weeks. For less busy workshops, 12-week services could suffice. Either way, if you skip on services, the machine will let you know - as will your unhappy staff and clients. Not the mention, your company’s finance department!   


Parts cleaning machines create waste. Legislatively and ethically, you have an environmental duty of care to dispose of waste responsibly. Some waste can be recycled for other uses, and we do this with our Parts Cleaner Solvent. Additionally, we can help you to run a more sustainably-minded workshop by periodically disposing of this waste for you, compliant with NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA)  guidelines. That’s instant peace of mind that you’re doing the right thing by your machine and the planet. 

Bulbeck Group has provided environmental solutions to our clients for decades. We strive to help you make a more positive impact on the environment. 


Consider this scenario (may or may not be based on a true story… or two!). You’ve purchased or hired a new parts washer. It’s an investment built to last years and is set to save you, and your workers, time, money and hassle. That is, until, it all goes a bit pear-shaped.  Suddenly, the water isn’t heating up or flowing and draining properly. Maybe the hot spray wash machine basket has stopped turning. There could be stubborn dirt, oil and grease building up. As a result, your clients may experience delays and everyone is well and truly…annoyed, for want of a stronger word! 

The expense to repair a failed machine is much higher than the costs of regular servicing. That’s not to mention the expenses associated with delays to workflow. The answer? A service maintenance program.

By committing to a service program, the risk of emergency repairs, costly downtimes and the need for a full machine replacement is drastically reduced. 


The whole point of purchasing or renting an industrial parts washer is to run things more efficiently. By minimising man-hours spent on cleaning, experienced technicians are freed up to work on revenue-generating activities. 

SpillPro’s range of hot spray wash machines, for instance, are designed to be as user-friendly as possible. No specialist training required. Just put the parts in the machine, close the door, set the timer, and walk away. It’s as easy as washing clothes. 

A well-maintained parts washer is synonymous with a more efficient workshop. We are able to service all makes and models of parts cleaning machines. 

What a parts cleaner service involves 

We will:

  • Arrange a service cycle that suits your workload 
  • Send out a service expert who will check everything’s working efficiently
  • Thoroughly clean the machine and remove any waste, in accordance with legislative requirements.

Our complete workshop packages

From small automotive businesses to large-scale mining operations, Bulbeck Group provides complete environmental solutions to operations of all sizes. Sustainability is good business. 

In addition to parts cleaning machines that are available for rental or purchase, we also supply spill equipment, incinerators, waste collection and disposal, cleaning and safety products and environmental and wastewater equipment.

To talk to us about the right solution for you, email us or phone 1800 368 450.