Mine site spills require a fast and effective response.

SpillPro on 18 January 2017

What are common spill products for mining sites?

When it comes to mine site spills, a fast and effective response is essential.

Mining sites commonly experience hydraulic oil spills from vehicles and machinery. Left unattended hydrocarbons can reach water dams. They can also pollute industrial areas and nearby environments.

This is why, at SpillPro, we have developed for the mining industry a range of hydrocarbon specific spill kits. Ideal for combating hydrocarbon spills, they are tailored to match the requirements of the mining industry.

We also provide a hydrocarbon absorbent roll which can be used when servicing mining equipment. The roll is simply placed underneath the vehicle as a preventative in case oil is lost during servicing.

Spill audits at mining sites

site audits2

SpillPro can assess potential on-site spill hazards and help mitigate risks.

Unsure of your mining site's spill requirements? Get a complete spill management site audit.

At SpillPro, we can assess your mining operation and provide you with information regarding appropriate spill management equipment. We inspect mine workshops, fuel depots, return water dams and more.

Upon the completion of your mine site audit, we provide you with recommendations to help minimise and combat mine site spills.

Common spill products for mining sites include:

We can provide you with everything your mining site needs to meet its environmental requirements regarding spills. As well as all the equipment you need to stop mine site spills from slowing down your operation.

Mine spill management training

Equipped with our spill management tools, your staff are your first defence against mine site spills.

Therefore it is essential that they know how to quickly and effectively respond to spills. And with the right training and preparation they will.

At SpillPro we can train mining workers in how to:

  • Respond quickly to mine site spills
  • Use spill products for mining applications
  • Prevent common spill mistakes

With proper spill training, you can have confidence in your staff, knowing that they have the knowledge required in order to combat spills on mine sites.

Ensure that you meet your environmental duty of care

Ensuring that environmental duty of care is met is vital for the safe and sustainable operation of every mining site.

That's why we provide:

  • Compliance-assured spill products for mining
  • Site audits and training
  • Site certification for waste water discharge
  • Waste tracking for hydrocarbon waste
  • Equipment service and repairs

With a SpillPro complete spill solution, you'll have all the equipment required to ensure that your mining site meets its environmental duty of care regarding mine site spills.

If you have any queries regarding environmental concerns, our experienced technicians are always on hand for after-sales support and advice.

Why choose SpillPro for the management of mining spills?

At SpillPro, we have more than 40 years experience in the mining industry. Over that time we've helped countless mining clients to make their operations spill-ready.

We've provided spill products for mining sites owned by:

  • Rio Tinto
  • BHP Billiton
  • Hitachi
  • Remondis
  • ExxonMobil

Whether you're simply after a basic spill kit or a full mine site spills solution, our experienced technicians can provide you with the knowledge and products you need.

And we don't only supply the equipment. We commission it on site and train your staff in its proper use. We can even arrange equipment services to suit your schedule.

It's simple. If you need a spill management solution, you need SpillPro.

"When it comes to spills in mining sites, a fast and effective response is essential."

Speak to a spill management professional today

When you partner with SpillPro for your spill management needs, you get a single point of contact, based right here in Australia. They'll handle your spill solution from start to finish.

Whatever your spill problem, they can help you with a solution tailored to the requirements of your operation. They'll prepare your business for spills now and into the future.

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