SpillPro on 15 January 2024

For many mechanics efficiency is key, and the question of what mechanics use to wash parts is met with a resounding answer: Fluid-Based Parts Cleaning Machines. At SpillPro, we take pride in offering economical and highly effective solutions that make the thorough cleaning of machine parts a breeze.

Economical and Highly Effective Cleaning Solutions

Our fluid-based machines stand out for their ability to remove oils, grease, and hydrocarbons from machinery parts with unmatched efficiency. Designed to be both user-friendly and powerful, these machines simplify the cleaning process, allowing mechanics to focus on more valuable projects.

Benefits of SpillPro Parts Cleaners

Easy Operation: Basic training is all that's needed to operate our parts cleaners. Their simple functionality ensures that even unskilled labourers can handle parts cleaning with ease, making the process straightforward and cost-effective.

Flexible Leases: We understand that workshop workloads can fluctuate. That's why we offer flexible short-term and long-term lease agreements, providing you with the freedom to adapt to ever-changing workloads seamlessly.Model22 2

How Do They Work?

Our Parts Cleaning Machines are designed to be uncomplicated cleaning stations. Operating as a circulatory system, these machines require no specialist training for operation.

Placement: Machine parts are placed in the tub.

Cleaning Solution Delivery: The cleaning solution from the machine's drum is delivered to the tub through a submersible pump connected to a flexible outlet hose.

Scrubbing Process: A flow-through brush and tube are used to scrub the parts.

Filtration and Recirculation: The cleaning solution drains back through the tray's filters into the drum before being recirculated, ensuring an efficient and sustainable cleaning process.

GB250 Parts Washer Cleaning Solution

While there are various cleaning products available, one commonly used solution is the GB250 Parts Washer Cleaning Solution. Highly efficient, this cleaner is designed for use in recirculating parts washers and manual parts degreasing operations. It safely and quickly removes oil, grease, and grime from metals, most plastics, and painted surfaces.

SpillPro fluid-based parts cleaning machines offer a win-win solution for mechanics – reducing effort and ensuring a cleaner, more productive workshop environment. Upgrade your parts cleaning process today and experience the SpillPro advantage.

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