Here's which spill absorbents you should be using for your situation

SpillPro on 20 December 2018

Absorbents are critical elements in the fight against spills and environmental pollution. Their role is to absorb a liquid spill so that it can easily be cleaned up. Using absorbents also prevents spills from spreading further or seeping into the ground.

Most often, absorbents are supplied as part of a spill kit. These kits may also contain booms to contain a spill, brushes to sweep up the contaminated absorbent and waste bags for collecting the used absorbent for disposal.

There are different types of absorbent available for different types of spills. It is important to select the right absorbent for your application. Choosing an incompatible absorbent may make a spill worse or even add the risk of fire due to reactions between the absorbent and the chemical involved.

Select the right spill absorbent from the SpillPro range of absorbents.

Different types of absorbent

1. Oil and Fuel

oil and fuel absorbent pads

Oil and fuel absorbents are made from melt blown polypropylene because of its unique properties. It has an affinity for hydrocarbons but repels water. This is a great benefit for an absorbent because its entire absorption capacity is utilised to absorb the oil or fuel spill itself. Another advantage is that they can be used on land or water. Oil and fuel absorbents are used in Oil and Gas, Marine, Transport, Mining and Workshop environments.

2. General

general purpose absorbents roll

General purpose absorbents, also known as universal absorbents, are suitable for hydrocarbons and general chemicals. Very aggressive chemicals are a more specialised application needing Hazmat absorbents, but many standard chemicals are quickly absorbed using general purpose absorbents. This product is ideal for environments using a variety of different chemicals and oils. It prevents the scenario where a mistake is made by applying the wrong absorbent to a spill. Industrial sites and workshops are users of general absorbents.

3. Hazchem

hazchem absorbent pads

Hazchem absorbents also known as hazmat absorbents are designed for aggressive chemicals. They encapsulate the liquid and neutralise it, making it safe for workers cleaning up the spill and also protecting the environment. Hazchem absorbents are often used in hospitals or specialised industrial environments with aggressive chemicals.

4. Floorsweep

premium absorbent floorsweeo 10kg bags

Floorsweep resembles sawdust and is applied by pouring it over a spill. The absorbent contains and encapsulates both hydrocarbon and chemical spills. Once the floorsweep has absorbed the liquid, it can be swept up and disposed of via waste bags. This general purpose spill clean-up product is useful for most industries including Oil and Gas, industrial, transport, marine and mining.

5. Rail track matting

truck matting2

Rail track matting is specifically designed for diesel spills from locomotives. It fits perfectly between tracks with side panels for extra coverage. The surface layer is UV treated to resist damage from the sun. Track matting has an absorbent layer which rejects water but contains oil.

Absorbents and spill kits

Absorbents can be sold separately or as part of a spill kit. It is advisable to purchase a spill kit as all the tools you need to clean up a spill are included. When you use absorbents from the kit to clean a spill, you can replenish the kit by ordering replacement stock from SpillPro.

SpillPro spill kits are packaged as oil and fuel kitsgeneral purpose kits or hazchem kits as required.

Turnaround and delivery

SpillPro supplies absorbents anywhere in Australia and in the Pacific region. We keep stock in strategic locations and can supply most areas at short notice.

It is important to replenish used stocks of absorbent as soon as possible after using it. Spills happen at inopportune times and it is vital to be constantly prepared to prevent an environmental incident and the potential of severe fines.

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SpillPro has more than 40-years experience in the Australian market. We supply products and services to help companies maintain the highest environmental standards and their compliance with regulators. Our absorbents are widely used across multiple different industries and have a track record of effectiveness in the Australian context.

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