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Industrial Rags

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Why choose SpillPro industrial rags?

SpillPro can recommend the ideal rag type for any application. Because we have the experience to know which type of fibre will work best for every combination of surface and liquid.

We can also supply everything else you need for workshops, spills and clean-up. Like spill kits, absorbents and floorsweeps.

Wide range of rags

SpillPro supplies every type of rag you need to ensure a safe, clean workplace. They're available in various sizes, including:

  • Felt rolls 50m x 1.83m
  • 15kg bags
  • 10kg bags
  • 1kg bag

For full details on roll and bag sizes for each fabric, call 1800 368 450.

Product range

  • Cotton rags
  • Towel rags
  • Tea towel rags
  • Fleecy rags
  • Flannel rags
  • T-shirt rags
  • General purpose rags

Applicable industries


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