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Collapsible Quick Bunds

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Benefits of SpillPro's collapsible quick bunds

  • Portable - saves set-up time
  • Workshop and OH&S compliant
  • Reliable


Portable and reusable, SpillPro collapsible quick bunds are designed for speedy deployment. They are also highly mobile while in their deployed state, saving pack-down/set-up time.

Workshop and OH&S compliant

Able to hold up to 100,000 litres, SpillPro collapsible quick bunds help you meet all workshop and OH&S standards. They can be made to measure for equipment and machinery of all types and sizes.


Robust. Durable. Dependable. SpillPro bunds are manufactured in Australia for 100% reliability. With a fully seem-welded construction, they're engineered for long-lasting resistance to wear-and-tear.

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