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Drive Over Bunding

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Drive over barrier bunds can be quickly installed to create a bunded area in workshops, sheds and warehouses. Their robust design enables them to be driven over with up to 1 ton loads without distorting their shape. They prevent spills from reaching sensitive environments where they can be absorbed into the ground or contaminate water streams.

Benefits of SpillPro's Spill Barrier Bund

  • Robust
  • Pre-glued
  • Flexible
  • Bevelled Edges


SpillPro's Spill Barrier Bund is made of a robust material that does not deform even when driven over with a 1-ton load. It retains its shape and therefore its protection against spill migration.


Spill Barrier Bunds are pre-glued and therefore arrive ready to install. Edges can be cut in order to customise the shape of the bunded area and extra glue can be provided to accommodate this.


Standard 90 cm lengths are available, which can be glued together to form the bunded area. Mitre angles can be cut to seal corners. An entire installation can be completed in ten minutes and be immediately ready for use.

Bevelled Edges

The shape of the bund is bevelled so that it angles up to a flat section on the top and then down again to the other side. This makes it easy for forklifts to drive over.

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