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Plug n Dike Stop Leak Putty

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Plug n Dike Putty can be applied directly to a leak even if the container is dirty and crumpled. The putty will seal a leak while liquid is still flowing, making it ideal for an emergency response to an accidental leak.

Plug n Dike putty can plug drums or tanks with up to 2.7 metres of head pressure and can be used as a temporary seal while the product is decanted from the leaking container.

Benefits of SpillPro's Plug n Dike Putty

  • Quick Sealing
  • Sticks to dirty and crumpled containers
  • Compatible with most chemical products
  • Non toxic

Quick Sealing

Plug n Dike putty can be applied directly over a leak, puncture or hole even while the container is still leaking liquid. The product seals immediately thus stopping the leak as soon as it is applied.

Sticks to dry and crumpled containers

Accidental leaks occur on containers that are in use and therefore may have rough edges, crumpled surfaces and engrained dirt. Plug n Dike putty is designed to stick despite the lack of surface preparation.

Compatible with most chemical products

Plug n Dike putty can be used on containers used to store pesticides, fuels, solvents and many other chemical products.

Non toxic

The main constituent of Plug n Dike putty is a non toxic Bentonite/Polymer mixture, making this product safe to use for employees.

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