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Containment Boom Accessories

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Designed for deploying containment boom into waterways by harnessing the power of the current or speed of the boat.

Anchors and buoys

Secures containment booms, curtains and other marine devices.

Boom repair kit

For repairing boom and tank fabric using hot air gun technology.

Navigation warning lights

Cautions marine traffic of containment boom location.

Boom stand off

Keeps containment boom away from the hull of a ship or holds the boom off a dock area.


Used for handling and joining of containment booms or silt curtain in water.

Tow bridles

Used to tow a boom or barrier or for anchoring.

Magnetic connector

Used to couple a small oil containment boom to the hull of a ship or other flat metal surface to make an oil-tight seal.

Tidal compensator

A boom connector with rollers that allows the boom to ride up and down on piles or fixed structures like docks, pilings and piers.

TerraTwist anchoring system

Designed to facilitate boom and BoomVane anchoring to shorelines where there is an absence of naturally-occurring mooring points.

Product models

  • BoomVane
  • Anchors and buoys
  • Boom repair kits
  • Navigation warning lights
  • Boom stand off
  • Connectors and tow bridles
  • Magnetic connector
  • Tidal compensator

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