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BoomVane Containment Boom

BoomVane in action

Here's how BoomVane works in the real world. Easy deployment with one boat means a simpler, more effective response to spills. To find out how BoomVane could work for you, contact us.

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Benefits of BoomVane

  • Make your containment operation simpler
  • Save time, money and resources
  • Simple, effective deployment
  • Boats and anchors not required

Response time

No need to mobilise or coordinate a fleet. BoomVane lets you deploy using a single vessel – or from the shore using just the force of the current. That means you save valuable time in the crucial initial stages of a spill.

Operational accuracy

Because it allows for single-vessel deployment, BoomVane puts you in control of your containment operation. No second vessel means a straightforward, accurate deployment.

Cost saving

Deploying from one boat is more cost-effective than from two. BoomVane saves money and resources by eliminating the need for a second vessel and skipper.

Product Models

  • 0.5m BoomVane
  • 1.0m BoomVane
  • 1.5m BoomVane
  • 2.0m BoomVane

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