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Inflatable Booms

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How inflatable booms solve problems

  • Inflatable containment booms provide a quick and effective solution for containing and controlling oil spills in aquatic environments
  • They are designed to be easy to deploy, with many inflatable booms featuring self-inflating systems or easily replaceable buoyancy chambers, requiring minimal personnel and equipment
  • Inflatable booms also offer excellent floating ability, wave following properties, and stability in a variety of conditions, making them effective in both calm and rough waters, and providing reliable operation for extended periods of time

Benefits of SpillPro Inflatable Booms

  • Durability
  • Quick and effective
  • Flexibility


Inflatable booms are typically made of high-strength materials such as PVC, which provides durability and makes them well-suited for prolonged exposure to harsh aquatic environments. 


Inflatable containment booms come in different models and sizes. They can be used in calm water situations or in deep water with high winds and currents. Inflatable booms can also easily be joined together to make a continuous boom of any length.

Product Models

  • ECOSAFE 1100
  • ECOSAFE 1400
  • ECOSAFE 1800
  • ECOSPEED 600
  • ECOSPEED 850
  • ECOSPEED 1000
  • ECOSPEED 1150
  • NOFI Spill Raider 800
  • NOFI Spill Raider 1000
  • NOFI Spill Raider 1200

Applicable Industries

Inflatable Booms


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