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Silt booms

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How silt booms solve problems

  • Captures silt disturbed by construction activity
  • Deflects silt to the bottom
  • Prevents silt from being carried away from the construction site

Benefits of SpillPro Silt Booms

  • Durability
  • Long-term environmental management
  • Flexibility


The sturdy construction of silt containment booms enables them to withstand harsh water and weather conditions over a long period of time. The high-quality materials are resistant to the abrasive effects of silt. 

Long-term environmental management

Silt booms prevent silt from washing away leaving the construction area exposed. They also prevent silt from settling in another downstream location where it may cause blockages. Long-term damage to the environment is prevented by managing the silt disturbance at the time of construction and at the construction site.


Silt containment booms come in different models and sizes. They can be used in calm water situations or in deep water with high winds and currents. Silt booms can also easily be joined together to make a continuous boom of any length.

Product Models

  • SiltMax Type 1 DOT
  • SiltMax Type 2 DOT
  • SiltMax Type 3 DOT

Applicable Industries

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