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Trash and Debris Booms – Exclusion Barriers

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Benefits of SpillPro trash and debris barriers

  • Make your containment operation simpler
  • Save time, money and resources
  • Simple, effective deployment
  • Durable

Save money

As a passive method of capturing debris, trash booms are an investment in clear waterways. Once deployed, SpillPro trash and debris booms eliminate the need for expensive ongoing clearing operations.

Cleaner environment

SpillPro trash and debris containment barriers help improve water quality. Through easy removal of detritus from the water, our trash booms ensure waterways are free of logs, rubbish and aquatic plant debris.

Durable and reliable

Heavy duty construction. Cutting edge design. Marine-grade materials. That all adds up to a durable boom built to withstand impact and wear-and-tear.

Products Models

  • Trash and debris boom
  • Brute boom

Applicable Industries

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