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Dispersants and Equipment

Why choose SpillPro dispersants and equipment?

For 15 years, SpillPro has been Australia's foremost supplier of oil dispersants. Just ask ExxonMobil.

But we don't just supply the dispersants and equipment. We can train your staff on their safe and effective use. Schedule services that suit your timetable. And supply accessories to boost your dispersants' effectiveness.

Even if you want general spill advice. Just pick up the phone. Because we're based right here in Australia. Your single point of contact for end-to-end spill management.

dispersants and equipment

Learn about using dispersants for oil spills at sea

Dispersants are used as one of the ways to clean up oil spills at sea, and they are ideal for large spills where other methods are not practical. Learn about how and when to use dispersants for oil spills.

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Key points

  • Fast biodegradation of offshore oil spills
  • Reduce environmental effect of large spills
  • Can be used over vast geographic areas


Oil dispersants from SpillPro efficiently and safely break down oil following a spill.

Through the biodegradation process, our dispersants diminish hydrocarbons to levels deemed safe by local and international regulators.

Our dispersants can be applied to vast areas, making even the largest spill manageable.

The result is time-efficient spill management. Minimal environmental damage. And reduced need for costly clean-up efforts.

Dispersant equipment

Key points

  • Fast biodegradation of offshore oil spills
  • Cost-efficient dispersant spraying
  • Reduce environmental effect of large spills
  • Can be used over vast areas


SpillPro dispersant equipment is the fastest, most cost-effective way of applying dispersant to oil spills. That's because our BoomVane, Elaspray and Neat Sweep systems are engineered to accurately apply dispersants over wide areas.

They're more accurate and more cost-effective than aircraft. And they can cover a much wider area than traditional boat-mounted systems – making even the largest of spills manageable.

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