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Benefits of SpillPro dispersant equipment

  • Rapid response
  • Accurate, cost-effectiuve dispersant application
  • Versatility and compatibility
  • Safety

Rapid response

Time. It's the difference between effective dispersement and environmental catastrophe. That's why SpillPro's dispersant delivery systems are designed for quick deployment during the early stages of a spill. This allows dispersants to begin working as quickly as possible, helping you effectively manage large spills.


Our dispersant systems are more cost-effective than using aircraft. Highly accurate, their spray radius is far wider than conventional systems. And they're designed to operate from a single vessel – even for a wide spray sweep. That means you save the time, money and resources required to coordinate a multi-vessel operation.

Compatible and versatile

SpillPro dispersant delivery systems can be used with a range of dispersants. They can be quickly and easily deployed to oil spills in environments with varied temperature and salinity.


SpillPro dispersant systems ensure optimal dispersant application for the type of spill. They're engineered to allow application height and droplet size to be altered for effective dispersion of oil.


Our dispersant systems allow dispersants to be applied close to shore – ideal for deep and high energy shorelines. They also ensure dispersants are applied at a safe distance from the boat and personnel.

Product Models

  • BoomVane spray system
  • Neat Sweep oil dispersant spray system
  • Elaspray

Applicable Industries

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