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Oil Spill Monitoring

Why choose SpillPro oil spill monitoring?

For 15 years, SpillPro has been Australia's foremost supplier of remote spill detection. Just ask ExxonMobil, Newcastle Ports or PNG Ports.

But we don't just supply spill detection equipment. We can train your staff on their safe and effective use. Schedule services that suit your timetable. And supply accessories to boost your equipment's effectiveness.

Even if you want general spill advice. Just pick up the phone. Because we're based right here in Australia. Your single point of contact for end-to-end spill management.

Carefully-selected range

SpillPro is the exclusive supplier of Remote Optical Watch to the Australian market. That's because we only back spill detection equipment we believe in. Using UV to locate oil in water, Remote Optical Watch leads the market in cutting-edge remote spill detection. It makes effective spill response possible in the crucial early stages.

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Remote optical watch

Key points

  • Quick spill detection
  • Accurate location
  • Allows fast response
  • More effective containment and clean-up


The key to effective spill control? Responding in the early stages – before the oil spreads.

But you can't be on the lookout for spills 24/7.

That's Remote Optical Watch's job.

Using a UV pulse, it remotely detects oil in sheltered waters like marinas, creeks, lakes and harbours. It shows exactly where spills originate, allowing accurate early response in the affected area. It relays real-time spill information back to a controller. All you need is a phone or laptop connection.

Remote Optical Watch also assists in locating the responsible party for spills. It allows fines to be accurately issued – as well as assisting in gaining compensation for spill clean-up costs.

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