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Vehicles and Workboats

Why choose SpillPro for vehicles and workboats?

For 15 years, SpillPro has been Australia's foremost supplier of vehicles and workboats. Just ask the likes of Exxon Mobil and PNG Ports.

But we don't just supply the vehicles. We can train your staff on their safe and effective use. Schedule services that suit your timetable. And supply accessories to boost your vehicles' effectiveness.

Even if you want general spill advice. Just pick up the phone. Because we're based right here in Australia. Your single point of contact for end-to-end spill management.

Customisable workboat and vehicles

At SpillPro, we believe in providing genuine solutions for spill control.

And we know every business is different. That's why we offer off-the-shelf or customised workboats. Customisations for ATVs. Plus on-site commissioning and training. As well as all the equipment you need to control a remote spill once you reach it.

One point of contact. Total spill solutions.

vehicles and workboats

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Key points

  • Access spills in remote areas
  • Transport personnel to spills
  • Patrol remote pipelines


Remote spills. They can mean conquering rough terrain. That's when you can rely on SpillPro off-road vehicles to keep your spill response on track.

They can carry everything you need to respond quickly to remote spills. Integrated hydraulics let you connect and run skimmers, pumps and pressure cleaners. And they're designed to work with SpillPro trailers and vacuum tanks – like our All Terrain Vacs and PACS vacuum trailers.

In short, they're a unique combination of tools brought together in one terrain-conquering workhorse.

And not just for oil recovery.

With a payload of up to 2,994kg, our specialised vehicles can transport nearly anything to remote locations. They can tow. Lift. Dump. Patrol remote pipelines. And transport personnel across any terrain – any time of day or night.


Key points

  • Respond quickly to spills and other emergencies
  • Suitable for cross-purpose use


SpillPro lightweight workboats make rapid spill response possible in sheltered waters.

Based on naval design principals, the SpillPro workboat range includes customisable oil spill response vessels - as well as landing craft and multi-purpose aluminium workboats. So whether you need a boat that will lead the spill response charge or an all-round workhorse, we can deliver.


Our workboats can be customised to your requirements and shipped to you in a container. So you can choose exactly what features you want. Like outboard jet drive. Electronic navigation systems. Or even structural upgrades. The result is a workboat that excels in protected ports, harbours and inland environments.

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