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Get to know our skimmer boats

Watch this video to familiarise yourself with our skimmer boats. As well as how you could use them for your operation. Includes information on construction, application and features. For more information contact us at SpillPro.

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Benefits of SpillPro workboats

  • Respond quickly to spills and other emergencies
  • Flexible
  • Versatile and efficient

Fast response

With a lightweight aluminium hull, SpillPro workboats can quickly reach spills in sheltered and shallow water. That means you save valuable time in the crucial initial stages of a spill. Flexible

SpillPro workboats are ideal for spill response. But their adaptable nature means they can be used for other purposes – no need to spend extra on multiple single-purpose vessels.

Versatile and efficient

Designed to operate in shallow or open water conditions, SpillPro workboats can carry a range of loads. They offer a large deck area and bow ramp for easy loading of equipment from shore.

Product Models

  • 26ft workboat
  • 28ft workboat
  • Custom-designed boats

Applicable Industries

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