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Oil Skimmers

Learn about oil skimmers, how they work, and when you need them

Oil skimmers can be used in a variety of situations, including on industrial sites and in emergency situations in waterways. Learn about uses and compliance requirements here.

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Drum skimmers

Key points

  • Skims oil from water following spills
  • Easier to deploy than traditional heavy skimmers
  • More efficient than traditional skimmers


Durable. Corrosion-resistant. Flexible. SpillPro drum skimmers are ideal for clean up in creeks, rivers and lakes.

Equally effective in industrial or spill settings, SpillPro drum oil skimmers provide highly selective recovery. Intake is typically 97% oil to just 3% water for both light and heavy oils.

A light aluminium construction allows rapid deployment, making recovery as quick and simple as possible.

Weir skimmers

Key points

  • Recover oil from water after large spills
  • Ideal in calm water environments


SpillPro weir skimmers represent a significant step forward in recovering oil from water.

It's all thanks to their innovative self-adjusting design; our weir skimmers' large diameter floats increase the water line beam. Combined with a lightweight design, that means unparalleled responsiveness to wave movements.

And while conventional skimmers' float frames sit beneath the skimmer, ours sit above. That means reduced drift – making recovery faster and easier.

With ultra-high-capacity models available, recovery rates up to 300,000 litres per hour become a reality.

The result? A new generation of weir skimmer that makes large-spill-recovery simple.

Self launching skimmers

Key points

  • Recover oil effectively with just one vessel
  • Ideal for larger spills


SpillPro's new self-launching skimmer system recovers five times more oil than any skimmer system ever built.

In stationary mode, it encounters, skims, pumps and transfers high volumes of oil – light or heavy. And in advancing mode, it does exactly the same at up to three knots – requiring only one towing vessel and a BoomVane.

Either way, it requires a maximum of just three responders.

And with its ultra-high capacity, it's ideal for large volume oil spills – both offshore and near shore.

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