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Suction Skimmers

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Benefits of SpillPro Suction Skimmers

  • Easy to deploy
  • Operates in shallow water
  • Standard rapid fit hose connections
  • Can be used with any suction pump or vacuum system

Rapid response time

The light weight construction and compact design of the SpillPro Suction Skimmer means it can easily be handled by a single operator and placed in the ideal position. Because the spill is transferred to a holding tank, the speed of clean up is high and the holding tank can be transferred away from the spill zone for further processing.

Versatile and Efficient

Any suction pump or onsite vacuum system can be connected using standard hoses making it quick and easy to get the suction skimmer working. The ability to operate in waters as shallow as two inches enable the suction skimmer to get to places no other skimmer can reach.


SpillPro Suction Skimmers are made of moulded polyethylene and anodised aluminium, making them hardy and durable for corrosive environments.

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