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Vacuum Systems

Learn about vacuum systems for spills and clean-ups

Vacuum systems are ideal for a range of spills and clean-up situations including oils and liquids, solid matter, and dust and particles. Learn about vacuum systems here.

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Benefits of SpillPro vacuum systems

  • Rapid response
  • Cost-effective
  • Accurate

Rapid response

SpillPro vacuum systems can be easily moved into place to recover solids, liquids and sludge as quickly as possible. That saves valuable time in the crucial early stages of a spill. It also makes them adaptable enough to suit a wide range of industrial uses.


Our vacuum systems are more portable than traditional vacuum trucks. So you save the time, resources and money usually spent on transport and set-up.

Ideal for working in remote areas, oil skimmers and pressure cleaners can be run from some models. That means further savings on the expense of additional machinery.

Product Models

  • Portable Air Conveyance System (PACS)
  • All-Terrain Vac
  • MiniVac – Portable Vacuum Unit
  • Drumit

Applicable Industries

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